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About Us

What we do?

Kudop is a new service where people with useful skills meet people who need these skills. It's like a dating agency where instead of getting your heart broken you get your lounge redecorated or get paid to do so some babysitting. You get to list an ad for free and pimp your skills to people in your neighborhood. Whether you need a dog walker, compost forker or a fast talker; or your dog needs worming, your butter needs churning or you've got 200 beds that need turning.

And when you do a good job we let your grateful clients leave you positive feedback, so your reputation can grow faster than the weeds they're paying you to pull up. And of course the reverse is also true you can check out the reputation of anyone you're hiring; so no Brian J Burglar polishing your silver wear. We use our state of the art systems to ensure that it's people in your neighbourhood that'll be checking out your wick'd (and lucrative skills) at car washing or tax returns.

Where did this idea come from?

In today's world we're used to getting music from Brazil, films from the US and wives from Russia. The servers are in the Philippines and the call centre is in Bangalore. But what do you do when you need well an actual person. The internet isn't going to walk your dog and Google won't cut your hair. So how about using all this cool technology to find the people that you need in your neighbourhood? Maybe on your doorstep, maybe even in your building? Kudop is the ebay of nice, helpful people and the Amazon of every handy man you hoped to meet down the pub.

What's the competition?

When you're looking for a new nanny, gardener, personal trainer (who knows the meaning of the word mercy) what are your other options:

  • Mom and Dad? Well, come on she gave birth to you and he didn't get a boat because of paying for you? Don't they deserve a break?
  • Friends? When being a friend includes clearing your drains, changing nappies and hosing down patios. Buddy you'd be surprised how few friends you've got.
  • The internet? because you think that being able to buy a domain name for a fiver is the hallmark of reliability?
  • Yellow pages? You've still got Yellow pages, wow what's it like living in 1984?

So you see, we know you are going to love us.

Our vision?

Put simply, making your smaller world bigger and your bigger world smaller. Using the power of the internet so the people in your neighbourhood are no longer strangers, they're just friends who haven't met you. Friends waiting to do you a favour in a fix and want to hire you when you can help them out; the internet can help you shop in Tashkent and argue politics with Idaho. Kudop lets you make friends and do business with the man across the street. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Sorry we were busy.

Who are we?

We are a UK registed LTD company founded in January 2012. We're just beginning but Ebay used to be a carboot sale and Facebook a notice board for Billy-No-Mates at college, who knows where we'll be next so get in at the beginning, and be the first to tell your friends about us.